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Stroller Solutions: Right Steps

Stroller Solutions: Right Steps

Compact, comfortable, 3 wheels, modular or cane: it is difficult to choose a stroller from an increasingly vast choice and very variable prices best baby formula for gas. Modular to facilitate all your travels, comfortable for your baby, adapted to your lifestyle in town or in the countryside, in a house or in a building: discover the different models available to choose your stroller with Around Baby. Using terrain stroller is essential here.

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Choose a compact stroller for a minimum bulk

Compact stroller around baby

Combining comfort, maneuverability and minimum bulk when folded, compact strollers are ideal for apartment living. Easy to fit in the trunk of your car thanks to its telescopic folding, remaining manageable in an elevator or even on stairs, this model remains a pleasure to use on every occasion.

Comfort stroller around baby

The comfort stroller can be defined as a cane stroller, therefore light, but more comfortable and on which you can install accessories such as shell and carrycot. Choosing a stroller of this type is often a compromise between a so-called 1st age or comfort stroller, and the 2nd age stroller. Very handy, the comfort stroller remains a little heavier than the 2nd age stroller.

Three-wheel stroller: the all-terrain choice

3-wheel stroller around baby

True all-terrain, the 3-wheel stroller goes everywhere: on paths, in the park, on crowded sidewalks or under construction, etc. Combining great maneuverability while maintaining the necessary comfort for baby, it will give you the opportunity to share with him your walks in the forest or on the beach and why not your jogging sessions and your rollerblading. Versatile, it is easily completed with a nacelle or a shell that adapts to the frame.

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Choosing a double stroller, the two-in-one solution

Double stroller around baby

Twins? Triplets? No problem: choosing a double stroller is a ready-made solution. Remaining essential for multiple births, it is also very useful for children of close age: for example, it allows a newborn to be stretched out at the back on the reclining seat while letting a larger child stand sitting in the front.

Cane or 2nd age stroller around baby

From around 9 months, a cane stroller quickly becomes essential. The advantages of this model are multiple: it is ultra light and generally has a folding system to reduce its size as much as possible, allowing you to transport it easily.

Accessories for your stroller

With the exception of rod strollers, practically all strollers can be said to be “upgradeable” by adding equipment and can be used from birth.

The carrycot of the stroller: 

By adjusting it to the frame, we obtain a pram that allows the newborn to be comfortably stretched out. It will be used for about 6 months.


The shell seat is essential for transporting baby in the car, right out of the maternity ward, and then in a stroller by clipping onto the frame. This seat can be used up to a weight of 13 kg (corresponding to a group 0/0 + car seat). The hammock, which is the real “stroller” version seat, can be used up to the age of 4.

Tips For Parents Of People With Intellectual Disabilities

Most parents and relatives of people with intellectual disabilities go through a process that makes them think about what actions to take to best support them.

For them, the need for support and guidance is evident because they must face aspects that even before talking about the presence of disability they were likely to not consider. Among them is the lack of knowledge of the disability itself and the care of a child with specific needs, for example.

So as a starting point toward the help parents of people with intellectual disabilities may need, here are some tips:

-It is necessary to document about the disability of the person . By having the greatest amount of knowledge about disabilities, the supports you can offer are greater. Everything that can be consulted with family members, books and professionals will help to have clear ideas and to know the subject better.

Give your child homework . With his age, attention span, and abilities in mind, leave him some responsibilities.

Know the laws of the country on disability . Each country has its own, so you have to know what governs the territory you are in. This will help with the daily performance of the person and their integration into society.

Make a constant exchange of information about the progress of the person both at home and in other environments. Talks with the largest number of people with whom the person has a relationship are a priority to discuss their educational needs.

More things parents of people with intellectual disabilities can do

Go to support programs , care centers and family associations. Both schools and educational institutions, as well as town halls and associations usually have programs aimed at parents and relatives of children with disabilities.

Attend meetings with other parents. That way they can share practical advice and support on an emotional level.

Be patient with your son . Your intellectual disability can make it difficult for you to perform in some areas. There are things you cannot control. You need support and tolerance.

Look for group activities . Lack of friends can affect your child’s emotions. Look for opportunities within the community for social activities.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and seek support by talking to professionals , such as your family doctor or specialists in the field, they are committed to offering all kinds of help and can recommend many sources with useful information.

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